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Jan 5, 2012
@ 1:15 pm
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Last night, camplittlewolf started posting lyrics from this song on Twitter. This is the Todd song everyone knows, the one I inevitably end up humming a few bars from when people ask me who Todd Rundgren is. “Oh, you know: hello it’s me…”

Hello: it’s so me.

But it’s not even my favorite Todd song. Nowhere even close. I don’t care if he plays it any more when I go to his shows, as crazy as people are about demanding it. “Helllllllooooooo it’s meeeeeeeee” they shriek from the balcony. I can’t help but imagine them rending their clothes as they say it. It’s certainly not his favorite song. I know that if he does play it, he’ll say something sardonic before he does. And I know it’s not the one he’ll PERFORM on. (For his true performance, see Black Maria—which he can still kill 40 years later—or Hawking or A Dream Goes On Forever…)

In this video, he’s rolling his eyes at himself. The hand-kissing, the waving, the mic-swinging. The fake horse-riding. It’s what the people came to see. It’s his Elvis moment. He says it best: “Let’s pretend I’m Wayne Newton.” This is what he was being forced to perform at the same time as he was creating chaos like this. Or even this.

But those lyrics to his greatest of greatest hits? Taken out of context, they’re even more beautiful than in context, as Ms. Little Wolf’s choice excerpts proved. I was giddy just reading the words. Yes: It’s important to me that you know you are free… Yes: I’ll come around and see you once in a while, or if I ever need a reason to smile… 

Sometimes it’s enough for me to know that there’s someone else out there as fickle about his identity as I am. Someone who has the capability to be M.O.R. while wearing rainbow chaps. (As Dick Clark says: “I wish I dressed like that.”) Someone who has no problem rolling his eyes at himself, even while singing the words that some of us live by, that some of us rend our clothes to. 

And please: while my eyes are taking a needed vacation staring at the inside of my head because of the things I put out there on the internet sometimes, I’d be more than happy for you to roll your eyes at me too. Cos I never want to make you change for me….

(See also his chapless version, or listen to the one he did with Stevie Nicks, or heck I don’t care the Mary J. Blige version. If you ever need a reason to smile.)


Jan 18, 2011
@ 6:31 pm

Seals and Crofts / Hummingbird / 1974 California Jam 

Okay, now I think the 70s was just made up.