Apr 28, 2011
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Record Haul No. 10

Laura Nyro - The First Songs
Laura Nyro - New York Tendaberry
Heavy Metal: Music From The Motion Picture
The Virtuoso Oboe Vol. 3
Tom Verlaine - S/T
April Wine - Stand Back
The Move - Shazam

"Where would your Betty Davis be?" I clutch a dusty Best of Sam & Dave and wonder if it’s better than other best ofs.

"I assume you don’t mean the actress?"

"Not the actress."

"Funk & Soul."

I find no Betty Davis, but plenty of Laura Nyro and others. I bring my stack to the register.

"Huh." Here it comes. I used to fear the assessment of my collected albums from record store staff. But I’ve been shopping here long enough to know to expect and welcome a little nugget of musical knowledge in place of judgment from the man behind the register. My mind flips open its stenopad. "You know, when Blood, Sweat & Tears were looking to change their sound they nearly asked Laura Nyro to be their singer. She auditioned and everything. This was before David Clayton-Thomas. Then she did something to alienate the rock journalists. I still can’t figure out what it was."

I think it must be pretty easy to alienate rock journalists.

"Do you ever get any King Crimson in here?"

"Sometimes. We had a nice copy of In the Wake of Poseidon recently. If you like King Crimson you should seek out Giles, Giles & Fripp. I know it sounds like a law firm but…”

"You close?" says a man with an accent browsing soundtracks on a stepladder.

"Five more minutes." In those five minutes he digs through the Ms to find an album by The Move — remembering that I’d previously asked about ELO — and promises with a shake of the hand that I’ll find something on there I like.

With a ding of the bell, I’m on the street again. Hours later: he was right.

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