Apr 16, 2011
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Record Haul No. 9 (Record Store Day Edition)

Big Star - Third (test pressing reproduction)
WILD FLAG - Future Crimes/Glass Tambourine 7”
Kate Bush - Hounds of Love Collector’s Edition 10” (on pink vinyl)
Velvet Underground - Foggy Notion/I Can’t Stand It 7”
Superchunk/Coliseum 7”
The Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar/Bitch/Let It Rock 7”
Bruce Springsteen - Gotta Get The Feeling/Racing In The Streets 10”
Kill Rock Stars sampler
Built To Spill - Ripple 7”
The International Submarine Band w/ Gram Parsons - Safe At Home
Peter Tosh - Legalize It/Equal Rights 7” (on green vinyl, for J)

There is something to be said in this world for kindness. For helping your neighbor, for saying please and thank you. For understanding the rules and playing fair. For civility. These are rules I grew up with. I use these rules with my fellow men. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Yes, no matter what I said about sharp elbows: do unto others, even on Record Store Day.

I had a plan. And a list. There were only two limited releases I really, really wanted: the WILD FLAG 7”, and the Big Star Third test pressing reproduction. The rest would be icing. I was there to buy music, after all, not collectibles, and this is the music I truly love. Kim’s, who opened at 9, had the WILD FLAG, and J&R, who opened at 10, had the Big Star. I had a plan.

I arrived at Kim’s at 9 on the dot, just as the block-long line started to move inside the store… (Read the rest here.)

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