Feb 7, 2011
@ 12:02 am

Record Haul Nos. 9 & 10

R.E.M. - Chronic Town E.P.
Todd Rundgren - Initiation

"Which section might I find Laura Nyro in?"

"Let me see… let’s try here first." The bespectacled clerk flips through Female Rock. "Nope."

We try Used Rock - N. Nope. He heads for Female Solo Artists before I cut him off. “I’ve tried Folk, Rock, Blues, and Female Solo Artists already.”

"I think you have it covered then."

I fan the two albums in the air. “Can I pay for these down here, or…?”

"Sure." He punches some keys. "That’ll be seventeen thousand five hundred and forty-two dollars."

"Totally worth it."


Gram Parsons - GP
Kurt Vile - Constant Hitmaker
Kurt Vile - Childish Prodigy
Os Mutantes - s/t

"Could you tell me where your Laura Nyro might be?"

"I know where we might have one." The lipstick-and-lace clerk flips through Used New Arrivals. "Nope. Sorry. We get one in every once in a while."

Jess and I browse the new records, shiny and taut in their plastic.

"I know I sound like a cliche to say this while standing in a record shop, but I can only listen to vinyl now." (This is me saying this. I have no shame in fessing up to that.) "There’s just something…"

We take our records to the counter, where the clerk has just turned up The Stone Roses and is singing along. Page after page after page. The clerk compliments Jess’s choice of a Japanese noise band gatefold import. “Oh that is soooo good.”

I realize I’m past the point of impressing anyone.

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