Feb 14, 2012
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Record Haul No. 19 (Valentine’s Day Edition)

Dobie Gray - Drift Away
Minnie Ripperton - Perfect Angel

This was the plan: after lunch, we’d go to Shake It and pick out a record for each other. The rules: it had to be cheap, it had to have something to do with love. 

I held up T’pau’s “Heart and Soul” from the 99 cent bin. “Would you hate me if I bought this one for you?”


I found a reggae album of 20 love songs by John Holt.

"Will this do?"

"That’s okay, sure."

I lingered over The Romantics’ In Heat for a few minutes before putting it back in the bins. (“Talking In Your Sleep" is a love song, right? I might have to go back to get that one.) He was wandering into the country section when I coughed and gestured to Madonna’s Like A Prayer

And so we headed towards the register with a reggae version of “Touch Me In The Morning,” and Madge’s “Open Your Heart.”

"I guess these are as good as Valentine’s Day purchases get?"

Before we got there, though, we both paused to flip through the R&B section. Hello, Dobie; hello, Minnie. That’s when we realized it’s not about finding the love songs, necessarily, but about finding the songs we love to listen to together. 

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